How to Join Avon

Joining Avon as an Independent Sales Representative is very, very easy … BUT there are a few things you do need to know.

To sign up, go to my Avon site and fill out the information and you are in business for yourself (but not by yourself) I am here to help!

You purchase an Avon starter kit (there are 3 options). I purchased the $25 kit and detailed what I received in a blog post here. A fantastic value … products you can use yourself or sell. I am using them firsthand so I can share my experience with others and jump start my sales. Included are some samples and brochures for the 2 upcoming campaigns.

The Kickstarter Program is an incentive to motivate you and help you “kickstart” your business and runs for your first 7 campaigns. If you have a good sales base (workplace, involved with many people daily or even a large following online), I encourage you to take advantage of the Kickstarter Program! The numbers can be easily met if you put your heart into it.

Your Starter Kit will arrive in 3-5 days (mine was here in 3 days) BUT you have full access to your website. Which is SO Cool ….

The first thing I did was navigate the Web Office where I quickly learned how to Share posts which I could link to MY online store and shared to all of my social media sites. Immediately…….get those posts going, but remember do not overdo it. Online marketing takes time and you will not see results right away … it takes consistent work and smart planning. I did receive my first online order in 3 days but only because I started my own Avon group on Facebook with my friends/family. Reaching the rest of the world takes time.

There is a lot to learn!

I don’t say this to discourage you – I say this to encourage you!

If you are anything like me, you need a challenge and you need to learn. Building your own Avon beauty business is exactly what I need and I hope I can help and encourage you to build your own Avon business as well.

Learning the products is key – they are top notch, state of the art and Avon has been around for over 130 years and going strong – that says A LOT!

Word of caution – you do not want to get discouraged by buying all the wonderful Avon products like crazy when you join and having a closet full of product to sell.

Step back, learn the product … the deals are fantastic, the quality is phenomenal and the excitement contagious, but you need to learn the product you are marketing in order to run a successful business.

A good business has a foundation of product knowledge, good leadership and most important a wonderful company backing them … AVON

Sign up here and be ready for the rest of your life!

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