Your Avon Business and Blogging

What Do You Love To Do?

Me: I Love to garden … I Love to take outstanding photos … I Love to eat healthy, but it’s hard!

So think about this —- these things or activities that I Love make me happy and put me and my mood in a good place. I can talk for hours (literally) about them and never lose my excitement. **They are Who I Am **

So here’s the thing —- I can use these “triggers” or “Loves” to grow my Avon business.

Here’s how —- Start a blog and get excited about sharing your gardening skills and advice, your excellent photo shoot sessions or just a great picture each day. Or how about some Good recipes that you actually make and eat on a regular basis.  Be genuine and focus on sharing these things.

Don’t spend time looking at what others are trying to do to build “their” business. Focus on yours! Start blogging several times a week and sharing on other social media platforms.

Make sure you have or use items from Avon and incorporate them into your blog posts. The vast amount of items they offer; be it fashion, makeup, home decor, etc. will keep your blog buzzing endlessly.

Be Genuine … Encouraging .. and Have Fun!

Join me as I develop my Avon business and show you how to do the same!! Start your Avon business today!!! 

The less you focus on where other people are at in their journey, the more time you have to focus on your own journey. Stay in your own lane & continue to work hard.

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